Why My Skullcandy Push Active Not Charging (2024)


SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING: Skullcandy Push Active Bluetooth Earbuds which I have been using for a long time are a very good earbud that gives me a good battery backup and also gives a good music experience but a few days ago I faced a charging issue with this earbud.

So, today I am going to tell you how you can fix Skull Candy Push Active earbuds which are not charging. There can be many reasons for not charging, so today I will tell you both the reason and its solution so that you can fix your Skullcandy push active earbuds without any hassle

Skullcandy Push Active Not Charging

There a several reasons why your Skullcandy push active wireless earbuds are not charging, here are a few reasons you must know

  • charging ports should be cleaned.
  •  Damage Wires and Chargers
  •  Faulty case
  •  Reset earbuds
  •  Make Sure It’s Placed Correctly in the Charging Case
  •  Check for software updates
  •  Change the USB port or charger
  •  Turn off the power-saving mode.
  •  Check for Physical Damage
  •  Change the batteries in your earbuds.
  •  Consult a Professional for Repair

1. Charging ports should be cleaned.

Over time, dirt accumulates inside your earbuds and due to this, your earbuds are not able to charge properly because the current does not pass properly through the charging case.

At this time the only solution to this problem is to clean your charging ports. You can clean it with a soft cloth or take a small brush and clean your charging port gently and take a close look at the charging port from where the electricity passes to the earbuds there should be no dust which is preventing your earbuds from charging.

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2. Damage Wires and Chargers

Sometimes what happens is that the problem is not in your earbuds, there may be a problem with your charging cable or whatever power source you have through which you charge your earbuds.

So you must check that the charging cable you are using is properly connected to your earbuds and power supply. [SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING]

3. Faulty case

Make sure to check that your earbuds charging case is working fine or not.

Sometimes it also happens that your charging case is not charged, you must check that your charging case is fully charged and there is no problem with the case.

And if you are not able to understand any problem regarding charging then you can take the help of any technician who is an expert in the matter or you can also contact the Skullcandy service center.

4. Reset earbuds

If you restart your earbuds, then minor problems related to the software of your earbuds can be fixed just by restarting.

Turn off your earbuds once and turn them on again.

If this problem is still not fixed, then try resetting your Skullcandy push active earbuds once, you can check the user manual of your earbuds, it gives you complete information on how to reset Skullcandy push active earbuds.

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5. Make Sure It’s Placed Correctly in the Charging Case

Improper placement of the earbuds in the charging case may cause them to not charge properly.

Ensure the earbuds are appropriately aligned with the charging contacts in the case. Check if the charging case is sufficiently charged as well. [SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING]

6. Check for software updates

If your software is not updated to the latest version, then you may face this charging problem in your earbuds because, with the update, the company fixes bugs and problems and makes its product even better for its users.

So you must check once whether your software is updated on the latest version or not. If not, then definitely go and update it.

After updating, and restarting your device, it is possible that your charging problem might be solved.

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7. Change the USB port or charger

Sometimes it also happens that the USB port or charger you use to charge your earbuds is not compatible with your earbuds, so that is why your earbuds are not charging.

So one thing you can do is you can use another USB port on your computer to charge your earbuds.

One more thing, make sure that your charge is compatible with your earbuds, then only charge your earbuds with the charger. If you listen to me, then I would like to give you some advice that you should always charge your earbuds with the original charger because it helps to increase your battery life. [SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING]

8. Turn off the power-saving mode.

If you keep the power saving mode on your device, then it will limit the power supply to earbuds, due to this, your earbuds will charge very slowly or sometimes it also happens that it does not charge at all.

So turn off your power saving mode and then check your earbuds, whether it is charging properly or not.

9. Physical Damage

You must check once that your Candy Push Active earbuds do not have any physical damage, such as your charging pin is bent or your connector is damaged.

If this happens then you must call Skullcandy customer care support once and they will assist you with the solution.

10. Replace the Earbud Batteries

Over time, the battery of your earbuds starts deteriorating and is no longer able to hold a charge.
If this fix is not working for you then you must replace the battery of your earbuds.

To replace the battery, you can enquire once in Skullcandy Customer Care Support from there you will get complete guidance and its procedure will be informed to you

11.Consult a Professional for Repair

If even after trying everything your Skullcandy earbuds are not charging, then it’s time for you to seek expert advice. [SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING]

For this, you may visit the nearest Skullcandy service centers or you can also take the help of the earbuds technician who is certified, but if your earbuds are under warranty you must visit the service centers for any kind of issue related to your earbuds.

Professional technicians know how to fix earbuds charging problems whether it is hardware related or software related.

So you can get help from the technician without any hesitation, he will help you completely related to the charging problem of your earbuds.

Bonus Tips for Skullcandy Push Active Wireless Earbuds

Weekly Cleaning 

Clean your earbuds and charging case with cotton or soft cloth to remove dust.

Safe Storage

Always keep your earbuds in the charging case as this will prevent your earbuds from damage.

Keep Away from Extreme Temperatures

Keep your wireless earbuds away from extreme cold or heat as it can damage their internal hardware

Handle with care

Remove your earbuds gently from the charging case don’t put any kind of pressure on your earbuds

Use Original Accessories

Use only the accessories provided to you with your earbuds.

Avoid Contact With Liquids

Protect your earbuds from sweat and water as moisture can damage your earbuds. [SKULLCANDY PUSH ACTIVE NOT CHARGING]

Unpaired After use

Disconnect your earbuds from your device after using them.

Software Update

Always check the software updates of your earbuds and keep it up to date. This improves the performance of your earbuds.


In this article, I have shared my experience along with the 11 ways by which you can fix your Skullcandy push active not charging and enjoy your music.

Keeping earbuds clean and checking the power supply of your charging case, updating the software from time to time, all these methods can fix the problem with the charging of your earbuds.

If even after applying all these methods, your earbuds are not charging, then you can go to your nearest Skullcandy Customer Service Center and get your earbuds checked once, from there you will get full assistance.

FAQs- Why Skullcandy Push Active Bluetooth Earbuds not Charging

Where can I find the Skullcandy app for firmware updates?

You go to Google Play Store or App Store and search Skullcandy app, you will get the official app of Skullcandy and you can download it and from there you can also update the software easily.

How do I reset my Skullcandy Push Active earbuds?

There will be a button in your Skullcandy earbuds, press and hold it for 15 seconds. As soon as you press it for 15 seconds, you will see a light blinking, this means that your earbuds is ready for pairing.

How do I know if my Skullcandy push is charging?

To charge your earbuds, put them in your charging case. The LED of your earbuds will glow red when you put it in charging and when it gets fully charged, its light will go off.

How long do Skullcandy push active take to charge?

Your Skullcandy push active earbuds takes one hour to fully charge

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