Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing Music

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing Music

Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing : Your headphones constantly interrupting while you try to enjoy your favorite podcast, TV show, song, or other form of entertainment. Why?

The most common cause of frequent pauses in your Bluetooth headphones is a weak connection. It can be a poor Bluetooth connection or the internet.

The device you are using will repeatedly restart when you are streaming a film or song and your internet or network connection isn’t working well.

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Moreover, an unreliable Bluetooth connection may result in the device pausing at random. This frequently occurs when your headphones and smart device are away from you. The audio port or jack on your wired headphones may also pause if it’s unclean or malfunctioning.

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Why are My Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing and Playing Music

  1. Poor Internet Connection
  2. Poor Bluetooth Connection
  3. Uncle Aux Port and Audio jack
  4. Damaged Audio cable or Aux Cord
  5. Hardware Damage
  6. Your Device App is Malfunctioning
  7. Low Battery
  8. Back Tap

1. Poor Internet Connection

Your headphones may randomly pause while streaming a video or song if your internet or network connection is poor. This is because streaming media from your PC, smartphone, or TV requires a stable internet connection.

Your device may randomly pause to reload on a weak internet network, and it may stop playing altogether.

Look over the screen of your smart device to see whether poor internet performance is the issue. The device may have lost its internet connection or the network may be operating too slowly to play the content you are currently listening to if you notice a buffering or loading indicator on the screen.

To find out how fast your internet is, you may also use Ookla’s Speed test. To stream HD videos, the speed needs to be between 15 and 25 Mbps.


Reconnecting to a more reliable internet or Wi-Fi network is the best approach to resolve the issue. To find out if you still have enough data, you may also check your internet data. Another option is to try to move closer to the internet connection.

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2. Poor Bluetooth connection

If you have a Bluetooth device, it may pause due to a weak connection. The majority of Bluetooth headphones have a 10-yard (or 30-foot) connection range. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music]

The headphones will pause if the smart device (TV, PC, or smartphone) is outside of the 10-yard range because they won’t be able to detect strong signals. Making sure both of your devices are within ten yards of each other is your best bet.

Additionally, it can pause to transition between devices if the headphones are already linked to another Bluetooth device. Make sure your headset is linked with only one device every time.


Should the problem be with poor Bluetooth, you should either move or reconnect your devices. This is a complete how-to guide:

Navigate to “Bluetooth Settings” under “Settings” on the device you are using.

On some devices, “Bluetooth Settings” are found under “Wireless Connections”.

Locate the “headset name” in the list of “Paired Devices,” such as “JBL Tune 760NC.”

Choose “Forget Device” after clicking on the model name of the headphones. It could require you to click “ⓘ” in order to access the settings. It will be automatically deleted from the device list as a result.

Switch your device’s Bluetooth on or off.

Turn on the pairing mode on the headphones and connect them to the smart device. Make sure nothing else is connected to either of these two devices. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music]

3. Unclean AUX port and audio jack

If your headphones are wired, a dirty port may be the reason they pause. The AUX cord or audio cable won’t connect properly if the device’s port is unclean or obstructed with dirt. As a result of the wire shifting in the port, you will frequently hear interrupted sounds.

Take off your audio cable or AUX cord from the port and look inside to see if that’s the cause of the issue. For this, a flashlight can be useful. Cleaning the port is necessary if it appears to be dirty or clogged.


Cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol can be used to clean an unclean audio jack or AUX port. Use rubbing alcohol to moisten a cotton swab and clean the AUX port. You can try to make the port smaller if it’s too big by taking out some of the cottons.

Advice: The AUX port should not be cleaned with metal or sharp things.

4. Damaged Audio Cable or AUX Cord

Your headphones may fluctuate due to a malfunctioning audio jack or connection. Make sure the cord on any wired headphones you own is in good shape to ensure continuous sound. It will be difficult for you to enjoy uninterrupted, crystal-clear music if your cord is bent, split, or broken. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music ]


Replacing the damaged wire is the only way to fix it. Acquire a high-quality new cable instead of merely bandaging or taping the broken one.

5. Hardware Damage

Have you recently dropped or gotten your headphones wet? You might hear interrupted sounds if there is a problem with any of the device’s physical components, especially when important components like the driver are harmed.


Should the hardware on your headphones become damaged, you should have it fixed by a technician. It will be necessary to replace the damaged part if it cannot be repaired.

6. Your Device App is Malfunctioning

Many headphones come with specialized apps that let you adjust the device’s functionality and audio quality. Check the app settings to make sure everything is in order if you have such headphones.

Additionally, a sensor that recognizes when you are wearing or not is included into the majority of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. In order to save battery life, the sensor pauses your music if it notices you aren’t wearing the headphones.

When using headphones, the built-in sensor may malfunction due to water damage or a software defect (bug), turning off sound. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music ]

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You should restart or reset the headphones if you think the built-in sensor is the issue. Since most of them feature a “Reboot” button, this is fairly easy to do. Rebooting the gadget will restart and turn off all of its systems. This will get rid of the bugs that are making the sensor not work.

Try updating the headphones application to the most recent version if a reboot doesn’t solve the problem. To view the most recent version, visit the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, determine if an update is available by searching “Google Play” or “AppStore” on your phone.

7. Low Battery

When a Bluetooth headphone’s battery becomes low, music will be paused. The pauses are signs that the battery needs to be changed since the device is running low. Usually, a sound will occur soon before the sound pauses.


Charge your headphones for at least two hours to solve this.

8. Back Tap

A unique feature of iPhones is that you can finish a task by tapping the back of the phone. It allows you to select (customize) the procedure that it finishes. Exclusive to iPhone 8 and later models is this capability.

That might be it if you select the “back tape” to launch an application or perform another action that pauses the music. Usually, this occurs when your hand makes contact with the phone’s backside. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music ]


  1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tape.
  2. Select “Back Tape” after reaching the bottom of the page.
  3. Under “Double and Triple Tap,” choose “None.”

Popular Apps That Keep Pausing Bluetooth Headphones

A few apps on your smartphone have the ability to halt audio through your headphones. The audio output on your device is frequently disrupted by these apps’ built-in audio or recording features. Here are a few of these apps along with solutions:

1. Siri

On iOS devices, Siri is the virtual assistant software developed by Apple. With the program’s voice recording and recognition capability, you may tell Siri what needs to be done.

If you accidentally wake up Siri when your headphones are paired with your iPhone via Bluetooth, Siri will halt your current audio and begin recording your voice to figure out what command you want it to perform.


By avoiding pressing specific buttons, you can prevent Siri from pausing your music. The voice recording capability of Siri may be used by holding down the Home or side buttons of your iPhone, depending on which model you have. Don’t push them, then.

Siri can also be accessed by tapping the Call button on your headphones. Therefore, avoid pressing these buttons while the device is connected.

Disabling Siri is another approach to prevent it from halting your audio. This is how you do it:

The search bar will show up at the top of the page when you navigate to “Settings” on your iPhone and slide down with your finger.

In the search field, type “Siri,” then click it when its name comes up in the list of results. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music ]

Disable “Press Side Button for Siri” and “Always Listen for Hey Siri.”

Next, press “Turn Off Siri.”

Siri is no longer active and won’t disrupt your audio.

2. Youtube

There are several possible causes for your headphones to pause when using YouTube. Usually, a bad network connection is the reason. For the best experience, YouTube requires a strong network connection or Wi-Fi.

Your device’s audio may sometimes pause and refresh when you are watching a YouTube video on a connection that is slow.

You might have activated the “Remind Me To Take a Break” function, which is another reason. With this option, your movie will automatically pause after an allocated amount of time. To avoid spending too much time in front of a screen, people activate it. Your video on YouTube will pause if you enabled it.

YouTube may also halt your headphones if there is an issue with the device’s software, the YouTube server, or your headphones itself.


You must connect to a stronger network to prevent YouTube from pausing your device. Make sure the YouTube server is not down and that your headphones are in working order as well. You must turn off the “Remind Me To Take a Break” function if you activated it.

This is a complete how-to guide:

Open the YouTube app on your mobile device, then select “Profile.”

After selecting “Settings,” select “General.” The feature is located under “General.”

Turn off the function that says “Remind Me to Take a Break.” [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing music ]

3. Spotify

Spotify is an online music player. There are several reasons why the app could suddenly stop playing your music. When streaming, a bad network connection is the most frequent cause.

If two distinct persons or devices are using your Spotify account simultaneously, you can also run into this issue. In this instance, your device will pause each time the other person pushes “Play,” and the other person’s device will pause in tandem with yours.

If you have activated “Low Data Mode,” Spotify may also pause at random. The quantity of data that your device’s apps use is restricted by this mode. This may cause your data speed to decrease, pausing the app. If there are problems with the app, Spotify may sometimes suspend it without warning. You’ll have to remove and reinstall it in this situation.


Turn off “Low Data Mode” first, then make sure your internet connection is stable. Next, on other devices, you should log out of your Spotify account. You can remove and reinstall the application if these fixes are unable to end the pause.

4. Apple Music

Apple Music is a music streaming service, just like Spotify. Your headphones will most likely pause when using Apple Music because of a bad internet connection.

This may also happen to you if “Low Data Mode” is enabled. Another possibility for the issue could be a server issue with Apple. To find out the current state of Apple Music, visit the Apple System Status Page. [Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing ]


You must disable “Low Data Mode” and connect to a faster internet connection to prevent Apple Music from pausing your headphones.

Should the issue stem from Apple’s server, it may take some time for it to be fixed. Should Apple’s server be functioning properly but you are still unable to experience continuous audio, you need to remove and reinstall the Apple Music application. This will fix the issue.


In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons why your headphones may pause while you’re listening to audio, but a poor Bluetooth or internet connection is usually the primary cause.

If your headphones are wired, the issue can be with a dirty audio port or a malfunctioning cable.

It takes trial and error to find the solution to the issue. If you could identify the reason behind their halt and apply the above list to identify a solution, the process would be lot easier. Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing

Try each fix one after the other until the issue is fixed if you are unsure of what the problem is. It is best to leave hardware problems to experienced professionals.

FAQs- Why are my Bluetooth Headphones Randomly Pausing my music

How do I stop my headphones from pausing?

Make sure the device’s headphone jack is correctly connected if you’re wearing wired headphones. There will be delays and sound interruptions if the connection is not secure. Make sure the headphone jack is securely put into the device to avoid this.

Why does my music keep pausing?

Spotify streaming will frequently pause if there is a poor or nonexistent internet connection. To rule out a connectivity problem, use these suggestions: Make sure your data is enabled. If you want to get a stronger signal, check the strength of your internet connection and try moving around.

What is auto pause on headphones?

Audio will immediately pause if you take out one of the earbuds while you’re listening to something. Within 60 seconds, if you change the earbud in your ear, the music will automatically start again.

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