Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together (7 Easy Fixes)

Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together: Pairing is a very common problem for Auckey earbuds users, I also came to know about it when I had to face this problem.

When I found out that Auckey earbuds were not connecting together at the same time, it was quite frustrating for me for the first time.

Anyway the first thing that comes to my mind is how to fix this Auckey earbuds pairing problem so that I can experience my music without any problem
So if your Auckey earbuds are not pairing together then there is nothing to worry about.

In this article, I will tell you about all the common reasons due to which this problem occurs and I will also share with you how to fix it, so you will be able to easily solve the pairing problem of your Auckey earbuds.

How To Fix Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together?

  • Check Earbuds Battery Level
  • Reset your earbuds
  • Update software to latest version
  • Forgot all connected device
  • Check for interference
  • Dirty Earbuds
  • Contact customer support

1.Check Earbuds Battery Level

If your Aukey earbuds not pairing together, the most common reason is that your battery level is too low.

If the battery level of your Bluetooth earbuds is low then it will stop you from connecting to any device. [Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together]

A very common solution to this problem is that the charging level of both your earbuds at same level.

Plus you should keep your Bluetooth earbuds in their charging case for at least 1 hour before connecting them.

By doing this you will not face any problem and you will be able to enjoy your favourite songs

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2. Reset your Aukey Bluetooth Earbuds

If your device is not connecting then another reason could be that your device is already connected to another device, first check this.

If this is the problem then first disconnect your ear butt which is connected to this device and then try to connect with your device.

A very good solution is to reset your Aukey Earbuds so that you do not have any problems during pairing.

You can follow these steps to reset your OK earbuds

  • Remove the two earbuds from the charging case.
  • Turn off both the earbuds if they are on.
  • Press and hold the button on both of your earbuds for at least 15 seconds until the LED light on your ear butt comes on to indicate that your AirPort has been set.
  • After that, keep both your earbuds in your charging case, then take out your earbuds, after some time they will get connected. [Aukey Earbuds not pairing together]

3. Software Update

If your Auckey earbuds are having problem in pairing then you should check its software version once. If its software is not updated then it may give you difficulty in connecting together.

So you should update the software version on your earbuds. If there are any new updates, then for this you have to install the Auckey Earbuds app in your device or go to the official website and check whether any latest update is available or not.

If there is an update, then you must update your Auckey earbuds so that you can connect with your device easily

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4. Forget Bluetooth Pairing

Sometimes it may also happen that your Bluetooth earbuds are not connecting together. It may be that you have forgotten to turn on your Bluetooth. If this happens then your Bluetooth earbuds will not pair with each other. This may get you upset

So if you are facing the problem that your earbuds are not connecting together then you can check whether your Bluetooth is turned on or not.

If your Bluetooth connection is off then turn it on and then try again. Your earbuds will start pairing together

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5. Verify Any Interference

When you are surrounded by so many Bluetooth devices, then due to you may also face problems in pairing with your device. So when you want to connect your Aukey earbuds, the earbuds do not understand how to connect to which device. [Aukey Earbuds Not pairing Together]

To solve this problem, try not to stay too close to many Bluetooth devices, this will help your earbuds to connect with your device very easily with your phone or laptop.

6. Clean Your Earbuds

All the Bluetooth earbuds are protected with the mesh layer , Despite that your earbuds get dirt with the dust due to this sometimes your earbuds stop working one side and this may cause a pairing problem

If you want to solve this problem, then you should always keep your OK earbuds away from dust and keep cleaning them either with cotton or a soft cloth.

7. Contact Customer Support

Even after checking all these problems, if your Ear Buds are not pairing together and you are facing problems, then you must contact the customer support of Aukey Earbuds.

Your customer support will help you very well regarding the problem you are facing at this time and will tell you all the reasons why you are facing the problem, and will also provide you its solution, so you may get help from customer support.

How can I get both of my wireless earbuds work at the same time?

In many earbuds models, you can connect only one of your earbuds with your device, even if you not to use another one, but when you go to connect your earbuds again, it gives you the option to connect both the earbuds together.[Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together]

Place your earbuds in their charging case and close the lid. Your earbuds will automatically connect to your phone or laptop and you will be able to use that earbuds at the same time.

Some Common Issues and Troubleshooting

The left/right/one side of the earbuds stopped working.

If this happens to you too, then you will have to take a look at your earbuds to see if it is dirty or its volume level is low. To solve this, you can follow these tips.

  • You should clean your earbuds with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Factory reset your earbuds

The microphone isn’t working.

If this happens to you too, then you can check whether your microphone is muted or it is not placed in the wrong way, then you can follow these steps to fix it.

If your microphone is muted, check the volume of your microphone once, if nothing works, it means that your earbuds are defective, so get it replaced or get your money refunded from where you bought it.

The earbuds aren’t connecting to the PC, laptop, or Windows OS.

If your earbuds are not connecting, it means that there is a pairing problem with your computer which has Bluetooth, then you can follow these steps to fix it.

Disable your Bluetooth and all the devices around you, then activate the firing mode on your Bluetooth earbuds by going to Settings, pair and connect your earbuds.

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Bluetooth driver, or you can also try updating your Bluetooth driver.

Also try resetting your earbuds once

FAQS – Why Aukey Earbuds Not Pairing Together

How do I pair my Aukey earbuds?

If you want to pair your Auckey earbuds together, then first take out it from the charging case, turn on Bluetooth in your phone, and then connect your phone with earbuds, it will pair easily.

How do you put Auckey earbuds in pairing mode?

Press and hold the pairing button on your Auckey earbuds for 15 seconds. After pressing it, you will see a light blinking, then you can use your earbuds to pair it with your device

Why are my Auckey earbuds not pairing together?

Go to your Bluetooth settings forget the earbuds and try to connect it again. Keep in mind that you have to connect to the right one first, then the left one, and make sure to check once that your battery level is good enough to pair together

Why is only one of my earbuds pairing?

If just one of your earbuds has been connected, then reset your earbuds once and pair them again, then they will easily connect together.


I hope that with these solutions I have told you, your problem with Aukey earbuds will be solved as soon as possible. Apart from all the steps I have told you, if you know of any other method to connect Aukey earbuds together, you can definitely tell me in the comment section, this will help other users too.

So, in this article, I have shared my personal experience on how I solved my Aukey earbuds pairing issue. Hope if you follow these methods your earbuds pairing issue will be solved and you can enjoy the music.

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