JLab Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On (5 Solution)

JLab Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On: JLab headphones are quite comfy and offer excellent sound quality. However, these headphones aren’t perfect.

Sometimes they’re challenging to work with; for instance, some consumers have reported that their JLab Bluetooth headphones won’t turn on.

This is not a major problem unless your headphones are actually damaged. You can repair them after trying a few tweaks and changes.

If this sounds like you, keep reading to find out how to fix your headphones.

Why are my JLab Headphones not Turning On?

These are the few reason why headphones turn on

  • The battery is not Charged
  • Software Issues
  • Temperature Out of Range
  • Defective Battery
  • Hardware Issues

1. The battery is not Charged

The most common reason your JLab headphones won’t turn on is a low battery. Your headphones should be fully charged once you check and replace the low-level battery.

The charging wire should be inserted into the wall adapter on one end and the headphones on the other end to charge. They will begin to charge.

A power source of 5 volts or less is required to charge the JLab headphones. Any current greater than 5V could damage the circuit.

2. Software Issues

Possibly software bugs or caches are preventing your JLab headphones from turning on. Your headphones’ charging is also stopped by these bugs.

That’s why you should make sure your headphones are updated.

Software bugs can be removed in two ways. There are two methods to update firmware on your headphones: the first is to hard reset them, and the second which is explained below.

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3. Temperature Out of Range

Another common reason why the JLab headphones don’t turn on could be their unusual temperature. A temperature that is abnormally high or low could be the cause of this issue.

The lowest temperature is between 32°F and 122°F (-10°C to 50°C). As a result, you need to confirm that the headphones are at room temperature.

Whether they are at or below 10°C, you will be able to turn them on after you have gotten them down to room temperature. [JLab Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On]

4. Defective Battery

The battery is the only power source for your JLab headphones. The reason your headphones don’t work is that a broken battery can’t hold a charge.

thereby, a dead battery is another reason why your headphones might not be working.

How to Fix JLab Bluetooth Headphones not Turning On?

If you want to restore the functionality of your JLab Bluetooth headphones, you should try these possible solutions.

Verify the charging accessories and complete the charge.

Before using the JLab headphones, make sure the charging accessories are in good functioning order. You could be unable to charge or turn on your headphones because of a broken one of them.

USB cable

Your USB charging cords may be damaged by high voltage energy, so be sure they are in good functioning order. As a result, make sure the cable is operating correctly. If not, get a brand-new USB-C cable to take its place.

Energy Source:

If your power supply is broken, your headphones won’t charge and you’ll have to get a new one.

Make sure there is power coming from the source.

It provides energy. by looking at the electrical.

It is delivering energy.

USB Socket:

In case there is a problem with your computer’s USB port or USB socket, the headphones might not be charged.

Replace your wall adapter and wall socket and use new ones if they’re broken. [JLab Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On]

Charge Completely:

It takes about ninety minutes for the JLab Bluetooth headphones to charge completely. As a result, you must place the headphones on the charger and wait for the 100% charge to complete.

When the headphones are completely charged, you should try to turn them on; possibly, they will.

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Update and Reset your JLab headphones.

To reset your JLab Bluetooth headphones, follow these instructions.

The right ear cap has buttons for volume up and down that you may push and hold.
For twenty seconds, hold them both at the same time.
The headphones have been reset, as shown by the beep that sounds after 20 seconds.
To upgrade the firmware on your JLab Bluetooth headphones, follow the instructions below.

Check to see if the headphones and phone are pairing using Bluetooth.
On your phones, open the JLab Air ANC App.
After that, select Settings > Headphones details. Finally, select Update to install the most recent firmware update.

Maintain Temperature

You should adjust the headphones’ temperature to the maximum and minimum temperatures, as I have already said, if it is higher than normal.

You should spend a few hours with your headphones in the room with the air conditioner if the temperature is higher than normal. [JLab Bluetooth Headphones Not Turning On]

If it’s less than usual, place your headphones near a warmer or in direct sunshine. Your JLab headphones’ temperature will be adjusted by doing this, and maybe they may switch on.

Replace Battery

All of the previously mentioned solutions don’t seem to work with your JLab headphones. Then, it is probably a defective battery.

As a result, you must change their battery to turn them on. Make careful to buy batteries from reliable suppliers.

A professional can replace batteries with ease, thus seeing them would be advantageous. Your cost will range from $10 to $20, depending on the kind of headphones you have.

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Hardware Issues

If you’ve tried fixing software issues and your headphones are still not turning on, there might be a hardware issue.

If you have any of these issues, you should consult a headphones/earbuds specialist; they can quickly repair the hardware in your headphones.


This article provided answers and an explanation of the reason why your JLab Bluetooth headphones aren’t working. Hopefully, one of these fixes will bring your headphones back to normal and enable normal usage. Kindly provide your feedback on this blog post by leaving a comment below. Check back soon for additional information.

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