Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast? (8 Reason)

Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?: I recently noticed that, in comparison to previous days, my Bluetooth headphone’s battery ran out more quickly while I listened to the music. I also figured out the reason for this and how to fix it.

Ever get annoyed by how fast your headphone battery dies? It’s a frustrating situation, right? But there are reasons behind it.

Leaving your headphones on when you’re not using them, Listening to music at a high volume, connecting them to lots of devices, or using active noise cancellation all drain up the battery quickly. And if you don’t charge them right, that can be a problem too.

This article will help you to know why this happens and ways to fix it, so you can enjoy your music without worrying about battery draining problem

Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast? Reasons

Here is the top reason for Bluetooth headphone’s battery running out quickly

  1. Your Audio Volume is too High
  2.  Active Noise Cancelation is Activated
  3.  Your Headphone is Always On
  4.  Inadequate Charging
  5.  Overcharging
  6.  Pairing with Multiple Devices
  7.  The Headphone Battery is Weak
  8.  Your Headphone Brand Does not prioritize Long-lasting battery

1. Your Audio Volume is too High

Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?

Listening to your favorite songs at full volume might feel great, but it’s not great for your ears or your Bluetooth headphone’s battery.

Follow this tip: if you keep the volume moderate, your headphones will last longer. It’s best not to crank it up super high, around 85% to 100%. Instead, stick to a comfortable range, like 60% to 70%.

But remember, keeping the volume too low isn’t the answer either. It might save your headphones, but you’ll miss out on the good sound and end up straining your ears. So, find that sweet spot for the volume on your headphones.

Even if you’re playing music at a moderate volume and still facing a fast drain on your headphone’s battery, don’t worry! This article has some solutions waiting for you. Keep reading to find out how to fix that issue.

2. Active Noise Cancelation is Activated

Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) can cut out background noise, but here’s the thing, it’s a big power consumer in your headphones, especially in the latest models. When you switch on ANC, it consumes more battery power, making it run out faster. [Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?]

If you want your headphone battery to last longer, try turning off the active noise cancellation. Sure, you’ll lose that noise-blocking feature, but hey, your battery will thank you for it.

3. Your Headphone is Always On

Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?

Leaving your headphones on all the time can drain your battery faster. If you notice your headphone battery drains fast, it might be because you’re leaving it switched on too often. Try turning them off when you’re not using them to save your battery life.

If you use your Bluetooth headphones a lot, consider getting a second pair to switch between and save their batteries. Or, you might want to try a wired headphone, they’re usually reliable and don’t have battery issues.

4. Inadequate Charging

If your headphones are new, they might not come with a full battery. Be sure to charge them up before using them for the first time. The same goes for older headphones, if you don’t charge them properly, they won’t last long.

Not charging them enough might not seem like a big deal, but it can harm the battery over time. This could lead to your headphone battery draining fast and no easy fix for it.

5. Excess Charging

If you leave your headphones charging for too long, it can mess up the battery.

When a battery gets overcharged, it gets really hot and can even start to leak or melt. This makes the battery less effective and can even ruin it. The only way to fix it is by getting a new battery. [Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?]

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To prevent this, just unplug your headphones when they’re fully charged. It’s an easy way to keep your battery healthy!

6. Connecting with Multiple Devices

Some wireless headphones can connect to more than one device at a time with Bluetooth devices. But here’s the thing: if you connect these headphones to lots of devices, the battery might run out quickly.

Let’s say you connect the headphones to two smartphones. Both phones will send sound to the headphones, which can make them work harder and drain the battery faster.

For better battery life, try using the headphones with just one or two devices. If you have lots of devices, think about getting another pair of headphones. That way, each pair can work longer and stay in better shape.

7. The Headphone Battery is Weak

If your headphone battery runs out fast, it’s likely getting weak. As time goes on, even if you take good care of it, the battery will lose power.

Improper charging or overcharging can speed up this weakening process. You can try to charge and care for the battery well, but eventually, it will get weaker.

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When that happens, you might need to get a pro to replace the battery or think about getting new headphones.

8. Your Headphone Brand Does not focus on Long-lasting battery

Different headphone makers prioritize different features. Some focus on materials, sound quality, Bluetooth, or other features over a long-lasting battery. [Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?]

So, if your headphone battery drains fast, it might be because other cool features are getting priority.

If a long-lasting battery is a big deal for you, look for manufacturers who promise that. That way, you’ll get Bluetooth headphones that match your battery needs.

Bonus Tips: How To Increase the Battery Life of Bluetooth Headphones

Sure, using too many music apps can drain your battery fast. Those streaming apps eat up a lot of power and screen time, which can make your battery run out quicker.

But no need to worry friend You can fix this with a few small changes. These little things can save both your phone’s battery and your headphones. Here are some tips to help fix that quick-draining battery issue.

You can watch this video to increase your battery health of Bluetooth headphones

  • Instead of streaming your favorite tunes every time, try downloading them onto your device. Lots of apps let you save songs locally. That way, when you use your wireless headphones, you won’t need Wi-Fi or data, which helps save power.
  •  Keep your wireless headphones away from direct sunlight or super cold temperatures to make the battery last longer.
  •  Always pop your headphones back into their charging case when you’re not using them. That way, they’ll be ready to go when you need them, and you’ll keep them charged up for longer.
  •  Even if you’re not using your headphones for a while, it’s a good idea to charge them every three months. But don’t keep them plugged in once they’re fully charged – that can wear out the battery quicker than using them normally. [Why is My Bluetooth Headphone Battery Draining So Fast?]
  •  When your headphones reach a full charge, unplug them. That way, the battery won’t lose its power too fast.
  •  If you’re not using your headphones, switch off the Bluetooth. This trick can save the battery on your phone too!


By using these tips, you can make sure your Bluetooth headphones last longer and you can keep your batteries in good shape, especially if you use them a lot.

The tips that I have mentioned in this article worked for me i hope they will work with you as well

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