Jabra Headphones Not Charging (10 Easy Fixes)

Jabra Headphones Not Charging: When I first received my Jabra earphones (the renowned Elite 75t), I was quite pleased with the build quality and sound. They immediately replaced my AirPods till I had a charging issue one day.

My right Jabra earpiece no longer charges. I’d had a similar problem with another pair of earbuds, so I knew it could be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps.

Anyway, I started looking around and found a simple solution that fixed my buds’ functionality.

Based on my experience, I’ve put together this troubleshooting guide to assist you if your Jabra earbuds aren’t charging properly.

Jabra Headphones Not Charging – Reasons

For several reasons, your Jabra headphones may not charge. Sometimes it’s as simple as placing the buds incorrectly in the charging case.

While researching my issue online, I came across people who had the same problem for multiple reasons. Some of the most common causes of Jabra earbuds not charging are as follows:

  • Your charging case has been over-drained and has entered a deep sleep.
  • You’re using an incompatible charging brick or cable to charge.
  • The charging ports and pins are filthy.
  • There is a charge imbalance in the left and right buds.

There are multiple other reasons, but these are the most popular.

In order to address every circumstance where your Jabra earbuds won’t charge, we’ll figure out each one in this post, beginning with the most frequent ones.

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Jabra Earbuds Not Charging – Troubleshooting

Earbuds that won’t charge are a frequent issue. I’ve had this issue with both my JBL and Skullcandy headphones, but it’s easily resolved by going through a methodical troubleshooting process to identify and eliminate any possible reasons.

  1. Check your power brick compatibility
  2. Check your USB cable for damages
  3. Remove stickers from charging pins
  4. Place your buds correctly
  5. Clean your charging pins
  6. Clean your charging port
  7. Charge battery overnight
  8. Check earbuds for charge imbalance
  9. Reset & update your earbuds
  10. Contact Jabra Support

In this article, we’ll use your Jabra earbuds in the same manner.

1. Check your power brick compatibility

This is most likely among the most common causes of Jabra earbuds not charging. This problem may arise from an incompatible power brick (charger), as it is unable to provide the proper voltage and current.

You will need to use your phone charger to charge your Jabra earbuds because they do not come with a charging brick.

However, this is the typical problem I’ve observed with a lot of users: they use a premium charging brick that is rated for fast charging (50W+).

While these chargers are good for charging phones, they are not always reliable for charging earphones.

A built-in current limiter in your charging case makes sure that no excessive current can flow into the circuit. When you place your charging case into a high-wattage fast charger, the charging process is paused.

For best results, use the USB port on your laptop or a standard charger rated 18W or less. [Jabra Headphones Not Charging]

2. Check your USB cable for damages

Among all the components of your charging device, your USB charging cable is most likely the weakest.

The official Jabra USB charging cable is of decent quality when it comes in the package, however, we frequently lose it and use other cords instead. Prolonged use of these cables can lead to harm.

With several electrical gadgets in your home, it’s likely that you have a few more cables that you can try to see if the problem is with your charging cable. If you notice any signs of charging, try some of them.

Your earphones may not charge if a charging cable is of poor quality, even if it is not broken. This is because it will disrupt the current flow and cause voltage losses.

Use a premium third-party cable or the official Jabra charging cable at all times.

3. Remove stickers from charging pins

Certain brands of earbuds send their buds with the charging case inside. As a result, the packaging box is smaller.

They placed a small paper sticker over the charging pins to prevent them from making touch with the charging case, which helps prevent battery discharge during transportation.

I believe that most Jabra models are packaged differently, as my Elite 75t was. It also came packaged apart from the charging case. [Jabra Headphones Not Charging]

Before attempting to charge your Jabra headphones, make sure to verify and remove the paper sticker if they were packaged inside a charging case.

One of my JLab earbuds had a little sticker on the pins that I didn’t notice, which made it difficult for me to charge. I noticed the stickers just as I was ready to return them.

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4. Place your buds correctly

We’ll talk about efficient troubleshooting methods shortly, but first allow me to clarify the most common mistakes people make that result in their Jabra earbuds not charging.

Erroneously inserting the earbuds into the charging case is one such common mistake.

All Jabra earphones include a magnetic latching mechanism that draws the earbuds into the charging case. Nevertheless, sometimes the earbuds won’t fit properly and won’t charge.

Solution For not charging your jabra headphones

Usually, this is caused by dirt and debris building up inside the charging case, taking up room and making it difficult for the buds to sit correctly.

Verify that the earphones fit comfortably inside the charging case, that the lid closed securely, and that the case is clean.

5. Clean your charging pins

Earbuds are notorious for gathering ear wax on everything from the charging ports to the buds themselves, when it comes to debris and dirt.

Each earbud has two bottom-mounted charging pins that link to the charging pins within the case via an electrical connection. [Jabra Headphones Not Charging]

Solution For not charging your Jabra headphones

For the electricity to flow properly and charge your headphones, these pins need to make a firm electrical contact. If there is accumulation of trash, oil, or wax on the charging pins of the case or the buds, they will not be able to charge.

To make sure that this isn’t the reason your Jabra earbuds aren’t charging, thoroughly clean the pins on your charging case and earphones with WD40 Contact Cleaner or a cotton swab dipped in acetone.

WD40 is very effective in eliminating oil and dirt and is safe to use on electrical connections. Any orange film that oxidation may have left on your pins can be removed using WD40.

6. Clean your charging port

In a similar vein, over time, the dirt and debris in your earbud case’s charging port will also accumulate, and the case will stop charging when the pins become so dirty as they block electrical contact.

Many strange places, such as your pocket, under the couch cushion, in your drawer, and other places, end up holding your earbud case.

Dust particles that continually build up on the USB charging pins are collected by it.

For this reason, it is a good idea to use WD40 Contact Spray to completely clean your charging port.

After taking your charging case outside, spray the cleaner solution inside the port using the nozzle. After a few minutes, clean the port with a cotton swab. Repeat several times for an extremely clean finish. [Jabra Headphones Not Charging]

7. Charge battery overnight

At the moment, devices that run on lithium batteries have the extremely uncommon problem of over-draining, and if they are not charged for a long time, they go into sleep mode.

Lithium batteries are very vulnerable to critical discharge below a specific low point in the discharge voltage and therefore are difficult to recharge.

The charging circuits keep an eye on the battery voltage to prevent an excessive drain. When the voltage approaches the critical point, the circuit places the battery in a unique state known as hibernation to stop further discharge.

The Jabra earbuds will hibernate if you don’t charge them for an extended period, like a few weeks. It won’t start charging straight away when you plug the case back in.

Even if there are no visible signs of charging, you must charge your battery for at least 12 hours to start it up again. The ideal approach is to charge the buds and case overnight and then look at the results the next morning.

Once the extended charge awakens the sleeping battery, your buds and case will start charging as usual.

8. Check earbuds for charge imbalance

The earbuds may occasionally cease charging due to an imbalance in charge between the left and right earbuds. However, in this case, one earbud won’t charge.

The earbuds won’t charge properly in the case due to the difference in charge level that results from using just one of them in mono mode and depleting its battery. [Jabra Headphones Not Charging]

To fix this, you will need to totally remove the energy from both earphones and then recharge them.

To do this, take your earbuds out of their case and leave them on the table for the duration of the evening. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned off to avoid it constantly searching for other devices to pair with and rapidly depleting the battery.

In the morning, both earbuds will have reached their lowest possible battery level and be entirely dead. They can now be consistently charged by placing them inside the charging case.

9. Reset & update your earbuds

To ensure that a software bug or obsolete firmware is not the cause of the failure, we will take one last step in troubleshooting Jabra earbuds that won’t charge.

First, download Jabra Sound+, the Jabra companion app, from your app store. You can use this app to connect your earbuds and see if there are any firmware updates available.

Connect your earbuds after installing the app, and if a new firmware version is available, update it.

To fix any temporary software problems and cache memory errors, we will next reset the earbuds.

Resetting your Jabra earbuds is easy.

  • Remove the charging cover from the earbuds and switch them on.
  • Now, hold down the buttons on both earphones for ten to fifteen seconds, or until the purple LED light flashes.
  • After the reset procedure is finished, the LED on your earphones will glow blue to indicate pairing mode.
  • Although the reset procedure will erase any paired devices, you will need to pair your earbuds once more.

10. Contact Jabra Support

It’s time to get expert assistance by contacting Jabra Support if all other attempts to fix your non-charging Jabra earbuds have failed.

Additional troubleshooting advice and expert assistance can be obtained from the company’s customer service team.

Jabra Support can be contacted via the Jabra Sound+ app or directly through their website.

You may get the phone number for your local Jabra support staff, open a live chat window, and submit a support ticket from the website.

Please ensure that you have the model number of your earbuds and any other information that could aid in the diagnosis of the problem before calling.

It may also be necessary if you have your warranty card.


Try these repairs if your Jabra headphones aren’t charging.

  • Either replace or clean the charging port.
    Examine the charging cord.
  • Reset the headphones.
  • Charge your headphones overnight
  • Keep the temperature constant.
    Update the firmware on your headphones.
    Verify the computer is not in sleep mode.
    Change the battery in your headphones.
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