7 Best Low latency Gaming Earbuds in India Under Budget

Best low latency gaming earbuds in India: Earbuds are becoming more and more popular every day since they are really comfortable to use, stay in your ears for extended periods of time, and enhance your gaming experience because they are completely wireless. 

Although it’s widely accepted that using headphones while gaming may significantly improve your experience, this isn’t always the case because they’re quite pricey and difficult to fit into a budget. 

Since a lot of people are moving away from headphones to truly wireless earbuds, I’ll be talking to you about five low-latency gaming earbuds in today’s post.

These are the 7  best low latency gaming earbuds in India

  1. boat immortal 121
  2.  pTron Bassbuds Jade
  3. Tagg Rogue 500GT
  4. Mivi Commando x9
  5. Wings Phantom 340
  6. truke BTG Storm
  7. Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Tws Earbuds

1. boat immortal 121

So, if you’re looking for low-latency earbuds, take a look at the boat Immortal 121, which is extremely nice for the price and will provide you with a very good experience if you use it. Let me explain how these earbuds differ from other earbuds. 

Boat Immortal 121 has a gaming design with RGB LED lighting for a great feel and premium look. 

These earbuds have an amazing build quality. Its performance is even greater because it provides superior performance and has excellent build quality.

When it comes to battery backup, the boat Immortal 121 leaves a lot of earbuds behind. In this price range, you can charge these Boat Earbuds for 10 minutes and use them nonstop for 3 hours. 

The most important thing is that it gives you a backup of 40 hours with a full charge. You also get a great feature in this earbud, which is a dedicated Beast mode with a latency of only 40ms.

Boat earbuds are ideal for playing battle royale games since they respond quickly and provide the desired gaming experience.

The mic on these earbuds is also quite good, and I can assure you that whether you are gaming or calling, you will have an enjoyable experience. 

In terms of its remarkable qualities, it gives crystal clear audio even while playing a game. It comes from India’s greatest audio brand boat, which is popular for its sound quality. [ best low latency gaming earbuds in India]

If you are a casual player, you will not have any problems with these earbuds, but if you are a professional gamer, you may have some issues.

If you want low-latency earbuds, the Boat Immortal 121 should be your first choice. 


  • Stunning gaming design with RGB LED lighting
  • Build quality is upto the mark for both the earbuds and case
  • Battery performance is great
  • 40ms low latency for gaming
  • Best mic for crystal clear calling


  • Sound quality is not great for gaming

2. pTron Bassbuds Jade

Top 7 Best Low Latency Gaming Earbuds in India Under Budget

If you’re searching for low-latency gaming earbuds on a budget, the pTron Bassbuds Jade is a great choice.

These earphones might be an excellent budget stylish solution for all gamers because they are quite cheap and can be afforded by everyone.

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The pTron Bassbuds Jade provides minimal latency up to 50s and is a much superior option in this price range.

In terms of battery backup, it provides 5 hours of playtime on a single charge, but if used routinely, it can provide up to 40 hours of backup.

You will not get tired of enjoying the sound and top quality of these earbuds, and you also receive Bluetooth 5.0 support, which helps in fast connectivity.

So, if you’re seeking gaming earbuds that are also affordable, the pTron Bassbuds Jade is the best option.

I’d also like to point out a disadvantage of these earbuds: if you travel frequently, you’ll have to deal with the fact that the microphone isn’t very good. And if you want to use it for gaming, this is your best bet. If you don’t mind its mic, it could be the ideal alternative for you because it’s quite affordable. [ best low latency gaming earbuds in India]


  • Budget friendly
  • 50ms low latency for lag free gaming experience
  • battery life is good
  • great sound quality for music lovers


  • The mic quality is not as good

3. Tagg Rogue 500GT

I recently purchased these Tagg Rogue 500GT Gaming earbuds and I must say that they are excellent gaming earbuds. 

When you try them, you will not experience any drawbacks or dissatisfaction. Along with the game experience, the call quality of these earbuds is excellent. It is wonderful

 I use it personally, so I can tell you that the earbuds are really good; it delivers a very good experience; its look and build quality is extremely impressive; and it has a low latency of 42ms. 

These earbuds buds come with 9 unique lighting modes from which you can select the one that best suits your needs. 

These earphones have four microphones, two for noise cancellation and two for calling. It Provides crystal-clear audio output. In these earbuds, you get three modes which are Base Mode, Balance Mode, and Gaming Modes, hence these earbuds are going to be liked by all types of users.

Gaming mode is ideal for gamers, Base mode is ideal for music lovers, and Balanced mode is appropriate for all types of users.

This earbuds has an IP55 rating, which protects you from dust and water. If you travel frequently, these features will be useful for you

It has an average battery life of 20 hours, but it also has type-c fast charging, which charges these earbuds quickly.

In just 10 minutes of charging, you may use these earbuds for an hour Tagg Rogue 500GT from a very excellent that costs less than 3000.

If you want to see a really good pair of earbuds in this price segment then you can look towards Tagg Rogue 500GT[best low latency gaming earbuds in India]


  • ultra-low latency of 40ms for smooth gaming experience
  • 9 different Lighting modes
  • Impressive design with matt finish
  • Four mics with ENC
  • 3 different modes (Balance, Gaming, Bass)
  • IP55 rating


  • Decent battery performance

4. Mivi Commando x9

We truly believe that you are also aware of the Indian startup that is making waves in the earbuds industry.

It comes with the 7 different modes static , breathing, waves quick fade, Ficker, Cycle, Metamorphosis

 it offers you the crystal clear audio experience with the greatest noise cancellation feature.

 You may get a very effective low latency of 35mms with the Commando x9. You will have 72 hours of playback time with these earphones after they are fully charged.

 For game mode, there is a special feature. It will automatically activate if you tap the left earbud three times.

Are these earphones compatible with quick charging as well? You may use it continuously for five hours if you charge it for just 10 minutes.

With the IPX4 capabilities on these earphones, you are protected from water splashes.

I recently tried these earphones, and based on my opinion, they are excellent earbuds that are reasonably priced at just Rs 1800. This product is made in India and is an excellent option for those looking for low latency gaming earbuds on a budget.

It offers the best audio and calling quality within this price range, and it also comes with multiple modes to enhance your gaming experience without any lag. [best low latency gaming earbuds in India]


  • 35ms low latency
  • Budget friendly
  • 72hrs of playback time
  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • 7 different modes
  • IPX4 rating


Mic quality is not to good

5. Wings Phantom 3 earbuds

I borrowed my friend’s freshly purchased Wings Phantom 3 earbuds and used them for a week. To summarize, I would recommend these earbuds if you’re looking to try something new with lots of amazing features. 

With the Phantom 340’s ANC feature, you can enjoy nonstop music and a noise-free environment by having the earbuds minimize background noise by up to 30 decibels, making for a more immersive audio experience.

During calls, the four microphone units on the Phantom 340 earbuds reduce background noise using noise-cancelling technology.

The earbuds can play music for up to 10 hours without ANC and 7 hours with ANC, respectively. Their battery life is up to 50 hours without ANC and up to 35 hours with ANC.

Enjoy each detail of your music and movies’ audio as the 13 mm high fidelity drivers provide a powerful and great sound experience.

In these Wings Phantom earbuds, you get a dedicated gaming mode feature 

It comes in three different colors Olive, White, and Green

It has Quad ENC mic features in this budget range.

Therefore, the Wing Phantom 340 earbuds are a good option if you’re searching for the best 40ms low latency gaming earbuds in India under budget. [best low latency gaming earbuds in India]


  • 40ms low latency
  • Budget friendly
  • Quad mic
  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • 50 hrs of battery life


Build quality should be improve

6. Truke BTG Storm Gaming Earbuds

I found these Truke BTG Storm Gaming Earbuds to be fantastic and am currently using them as my secondary audio device for both gaming and music.

The Dedicated Gaming Mode on the Truke BTG Storm gives you a competitive edge by offering ultra-low latency of up to 40ms* for blazingly quick response times. This ensures that you stay ahead of the competition with fluid and very responsive gaming.

Your gaming setup will be taken to new heights with the RGB Gaming Characterized Case design, which offers an aesthetically fascinating gaming experience.

Enjoy amazing sound effects with the 13mm Titanium Speaker drivers of the Truke BTG Storm. With their remarkable sound accuracy, these premium earphones will fully immerse you in the details of your favorite games.

For an immersive gaming experience, enjoy unparalleled sound clarity with the Truke BTG Storm, from delicate adversary footsteps to intense in-game action.

When it comes to its battery backup, it can provide up to 50 hours of playback time when used with the charging case and 10 hours of playback time on a single charge.

Additionally, you can use it for ten hours straight without discomfort. It’s crucial to remember that battery life is also dependent on usage. It also depends on whether you listen to the music on low volume or loudly. This was our experience, and here is what I shared. [best low latency gaming earbuds in India]

There is also an environmental noise cancellation option available with these earbuds. With this feature, you can enjoy better music and higher-quality calls.

For example, when you talk and there’s background noise, your earbuds will sense it and keep you problem-free. This feature also improves your gaming experience, so you get dual mic support and excellent call quality, making this earbud suitable for both gaming and music.

You get quick connectivity with the Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity in the Truke BTG Storm Gaming earbuds.

Therefore, the earbuds’ biggest advantage is their one-year warranty. Regarding its product, this organization will offer you complete help if you run into any problems with it.


  • 40ms low latency
  • Budget friendly
  • 50hrs of playback time
  • Fast connectivity of 5.3v bluetooth
  • ENC
  • Impressive design


Touch gestures should be more appealing

7. Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Tws Earbuds

I recently bought the Mivi Commando Q9 earphones, and for the price, I believe they were quite decent. You must give these earbuds a try if you’re searching for gaming earbuds with 35ms low latency because they include a few unique features that set them apart from the competition.

So let’s talk about every aspect of these earbuds and I’ll share my personal experience.

Mivi commando q9 It has a unique hexagonal design, and its matt finish offers you a really amazing and outstanding look. Because of its design, it also fits perfectly in your ears, so you will not have any issues while using it.

This gaming earbuds has four mics as well as environmental noise cancellation, featured which helps during calling. [best low latency gaming earbuds in India]

Mivi commando q9 comes with the 13mm drive which helps you to experience powerful bass and crisp sound which make unique from the other earbuds.

Mivi Commando Q9 earbuds have a playback time of up to 50 hours with the charging case, and it supports Type C charging, which means you may use it nonstop for 500 minutes by charging it for 10 minutes.
These gaming earbuds have a latency of 35s two, allowing you to enjoy a lag-free gaming experience. This earbuds come with a gaming mode that you can activate by just tapping three times on the earbuds.

It comes with four different colors but i have use use black which looks amazing with the RGB lights.

In Mivi commando Q9, you get the of dual RGB lights features which gives a very amazing look to the earbuds, along with this you also get the 7 unique lightning combination with Aurora light.
You also get 1 year warranty from Mivi company which is quite a good thing.

You also get 1 year warranty from Mivi company which is quite a good thing.

Also the best thing is this is Made in India earbuds [best low latency gaming earbuds in India]


  • Sweat resistsance
  • Best fitting
  • 7 unique lightnig combination
  • 50 hrs playback time
  • 35ms low latency


Sound is not great if you are a music lover

Best low latency gaming earbuds in India-FAQs

Which is the best earbud low latency?

When it comes to earbuds with low latency, the boAt Immortal 121 are the best option on the market.

Which earbuds have lowest latency?

The Tagg Rogue 500GT has the lowest latency of any earbuds on the market, with a latency of just 40ms.

How much latency is good for gaming earbuds?

50ms Low latency is considered to be a good gaming earbuds


As I have provided you a list of seven top gaming earbuds with low latency from which to select based on your needs and budget, I have discussed each earbud in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

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